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Wednesday July 6th - Church Crawl     Powerstock area

The plan for the crawl on Wednesday 6 July 2016 is as follows:


10.30am    Meet St Mary’ s church, Netherbury, DT6 5LR

11.30am   Church of St Mary, Beaminster, DT8 3BA


12.30 pm Mapperton – All Saints church – DT8 3NR followed by :


Pre-booked light lunch in the café at Mapperton


2.30 Visit St Mary Magdalene, North Poorton, DT6 3TH


3.30  StMary, Powerstock, DT6 3TD


Finishing (if the weather is fine) with tea in Myrtle Cottage garden, the home of Dr Tim Connor.


There is a charge of £10 each which covers the cost of the lunch.  Dr Tim Connor will speak to us about the architecture and history of each church and my speciality is the stained glass.


Parking is tricky in deepest Dorset - at Netherbury there is some parking at the top of the hill (sort of behind the church) which I would recommend for people who might find the steep cobbled path tricky. In Beaminster we will need to park where we can in the church/market square area. From Beaminster to North Poorton is a delightful drive through the countryside but at times it does look as if one is driving straight into a private garden!


I do hope you will join us - do not hesitate to telephone me or email if you have any further queries or would like a more detailed route map..  It is important to let me know if you are staying for lunch as I have to inform Mapperton of numbers in advance.


Best wishes   Sue Smith

01725 552225 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Future crawls:

Thursday 8 September, - Portland WykeRegis - still planning!

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