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DHCT Privacy Notice

Preamble The General Data Protection Regulations, which take effect on 25 May 2018, require companies to provide appropriate protection for the personal information or data that they hold. In common with many other organisations, DHCT, as a Data Controller under the Regulations, has reviewed its arrangements for the storage of personal data about its members and supporters.
Why does DHCT need to hold personal data? Under the Regulations, DHCT has a “legitimate interest” to hold data to enable the daily operation of the Trust. We may also be required to process data to perform a contract or comply with the law – for example to meet our obligations as a Charity and to HMRC in respect of Gift Aided donations....
What does DHCT need? Our approach is to ask for and hold only such data as is necessary. Accordingly, we will ask to hold such names, addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers as members and supporters give us. We must hold details of annual subscriptions and other donations but we will not seek or hold other personal information about, for example, religious beliefs or political affiliations.
Whose data do we need to hold? Officers of the Trust (Vice Presidents, Trustees, Deanery Area Representatives, Honorary Treasurer and R+S Administrator) Friends of Dorset Churches Volunteers (eg Parish Organisers) Sponsors and participants in fund-raising (chiefly R+S)
How will we hold personal data? Data is and will be stored electronically on the personal computers of those Officers of the Trust who have responsibility for the operation of the Trust, chiefly the Secretary to the Friends and the Ride + Stride Administrator. We recognise that data will also be held on the servers of Third Party providers (such as gmail, Hotmail) and may therefore be transferred outside the European Economic Area. Data provided in handwriting on paper for R+S will be retained securely in case HMRC require to check it and then be destroyed. Any personal data uploaded to the Trust website (Trustee and Deanery Representative contact detail) will be in jpg form and password protected. Contact details for members of the public to access the Trust are anonymized.
What we will not do with your data? We will not pass your data to any Third Party not involved in the operation of the Trust. However, from time to time, in the interests of pursuing the objectives of the Trust, we may pass your data to agencies including our web developer, PR agency, Accountants and HMRC.
How long will we keep it? We will keep your data only so long as we need it to discharge our obligations to you or when you cease to be involved with the Trust or withdraw your permission to hold it. Data supporting Gift Aided donations will be retained for 6 years and then destroyed. Over the next few months we will be conducting a review of all the personal data that we hold and deleting any that we no longer need.
What are your rights? You have a right to know (and receive a copy of) the data that we hold about you, to correct any errors and to withdraw your permission for us to hold all or part of that data. You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office in the event that you are not satisfied by this Notice or our responses to your requests.
What are we asking you to do?
Organisers and participants in fund-raising (chiefly R+S) We are asking you to note the contents of this Privacy Notice and to bring its terms and undertakings to the attention of sponsors and participants before they provide their data in either hand-written or electronic form. This Notice is displayed on our website www.dhct.org.uk and will be updated as necessary.
Officers of the Trust, Friends and Volunteers, including Parish Organisers Given that you provided your personal data for the “legitimate interest” of the Trust, we will not be troubling you to respond. If, after reading this Notice, you wish to change or revoke the arrangement, please contact us at once.
Contacts in the Trust

For Friends: Ms Sue Smith, Secretary to the Friends of DHCT, Winterborne Cottage, Minchington, DT11

8DH [email protected] 01725 552225

For R+S: Mrs Anna Butler, R+S Administrator, 3 Talbothays Cottages, West Stafford, Dorchester DT2 8AL

[email protected] 01305 260004