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Our Churches

The list below should include every historic church in Dorset, with some information on its important features. We are not seeking to replace Pevsner!. We also provide a guide to its location and to churches nearby. The list is under complete re-development which will take time. We welcome comments on accuracy or indeed if your Dorset church is not included.

List of Churches

Wimborne Lyme BayAbbotsbury St Catherine's Chapel WeymouthDT3 4JJAbbotsbury St. Nicholas Parish Church WeymouthDT3 4JJAbbotsbury The Hidden Chapel - St. Lukes WeymouthAffpuddle St Laurence PurbeckDT2 7HHAffpuddle St Laurence PurbeckDT2 7HHAlderholt St James WimborneSP6 3DNAlmer St Mary Milton & BlandfordDT11 9EN Alton Pancras St. Pancras DorchesterDT2 7RWArne Church PurbeckBH20 5BJAshmore St. Nicholas Blackmore ValeSP5 5AEAskerswell St. Michael and All Angels Lyme BayDT2 9EJAthelhampton St. Edward King and Martyr DorchesterDT2 7LGBatcombe St. Mary SherborneDT2 7BGBeaminster St. Mary DT8 3BABeer Hackett St. Michael SherborneDT9 6QTBeer Hackett St. George Blackmore ValeDT9 6RABelchalwell St. Aldhelm Blackmore ValeDT11 0EHBere Regis St. John the Baptist PurbeckBH20 7HQBettiscombe St Stephen DT6 5NTBincombe Holy Trinity WeymouthDT3 5PTBinghams Melcombe St. Andrew Blackmore ValeDT2 7PZBishop's Caundle Church DT9 5NLBlackdown Holy Trinity DT8 3LEBlandford Forum St. Mary Milton & BlandfordDT11 9NDBlandford Forum St. Peter and St. Paul DT11 7AFBlandford Forum Our Lady of Lourdes & St Cecilia Milton & BlandfordDT11 7BNBloxworth St. Andrew Milton & BlandfordBH20 7EGBothenhampton Old Church DT6 4BPBothenhampton Holy Trinity New DT6 4BHBourton St. George Blackmore ValeSP8 5BWBradford Abbas St. Mary the Virgin SherborneDT9 6SPBradford Peverell St. Mary DorchesterDT2 9SBBradpole Holy Trinity DT6 3EPBridport Methodist Chapel DT6 4NTBridport Unitarian Chapel in the Garden Lyme BayBridport St.Mary's Church DT6 3NNBridport St. Swithun DT6 5DUBroadmayne St. Martin DorchesterDT2 8EBBroadoak St. Paul DT6 5PYBroadwindsor The Navity of John the Baptist Lyme BayDT8 3QEBrownsea (Poole Harbour) St.Mary Poole & North BournemouthBH13 7EEBryanston St. Martin Milton & BlandfordDT11 0PXBuckhorn Weston St. John the Baptist Blackmore ValeSP8 5HSBuckland Newton The Holy Rood DorchesterDT2 7BXBuckland Ripers St. Nicholas WeymouthDT3 4BTBurstock St. Andrew DT8 3LJBurton Bradstock St. Mary DT6 4QYCanford Cliffs Church of the Transfiguration Poole & North BournemouthBH13 7PFCanford Magna Church WimborneBH21 3AFCatherston Leweston St. Mary DT6 6LZCattistock St Peter and St Paul SherborneDT2 0JGCaundle Marsh St. Peter and St. Paul SherborneDT9 5LXCerne Abbas St. Mary the Virgin DorchesterDT2 7JQChalbury All Saints WimborneBH21 7EYChaldon Herring St Nicholas DorchesterDT2 8DNChaldon Herring Chaldon 2 Lyme Baydt2 8dlChard Forde Abbey Blackmore ValeTA20 4LUCharlton Marshall St. Mary the Virgin DT11 9PJCharminster Church DorchesterDT2 9RDCharmouth St. Andrew DT6 6LNCheselbourne St. Martin Milton & BlandfordDT2 7NJChetnole St. Peter SherborneDT9 6NZChettle St. Mary Milton & BlandfordDT11 8DBChickerell St. Mary the Virgin WeymouthDT3 4DXChideock Queen of Martyrs & St Ignatius' Church DT6 6LFChideock St. Giles DT6 6LEChilcombe Church DT6 4PNChild Okeford St. Nicholas Blackmore ValeDT11 8EDChilfrome Holy Trinity SherborneDT2 0HAChristchurch BH23 1BUChurch Knowle St. Peter PurbeckBH20 5NFColehill St. Michael and All Angels WimborneBH21 2RYCompton Abbas St Mary the Virgin Blackmore ValeSP7 0NLCompton Abbas Old Church Blackmore ValeCompton Valence St. Thomas of Canterbury DorchesterDT2 9ERCorfe Castle Church of Saint Edward the Martyr PurbeckBH20 5EZCorfe Mullen St. Hubert WimborneBH21 3RQCorscombe St. Mary SherborneDT2 0NUCorton Denham St. Bartholomew SherborneDT9 4LRCranborne St. Mary and St. Bartholomew Blackmore ValeBH21 5PPCreech St. John PurbeckBH20 5DFCrossways St Aldhelm's DorchesterDT2 8WRDewlish All Saints DorchesterDT2 7LRDorchester St Mary the Virgin DorchesterDT1 2HLDottery St. Saviour DT6 3NNDrimpton St. Mary DT8 3REDurweston St. Nicholas Milton & BlandfordDT11 0QAEast Chelborough/Lewcombe St. James SherborneDT2 0QBEast Holme St. John the Evangelist PurbeckBH20 6AGEast Orchard St. Thomas Blackmore ValeSP7 0LJEast Stoke St. Mary - Redundant (converted to a dwelling) PurbeckBH20 6ANEast Stour Christchurch Blackmore ValeSP8 5LPEdmondsham St. Nicholas WimborneBH21 5REEnmore Green St. John Evangelist Blackmore ValeSP7 8QREvershot St Osmond SherborneDT2 0JWFarrington Deconsecrated Fifehead Magdalen St. Mary Magdalene Blackmore ValeSP8 5RTFifehead Neville All Saints Blackmore ValeDT10 2ALFishpond St. John DT6 6NNFleet Holy Trinity WeymouthDT3 4EBFleet Old Church WeymouthFolke St. Lawrence DT9 5HPFontmell Magna St Andrew's Milton & BlandfordSP7 0NYFrampton Saint Mary's DorchesterDT2 9NDFrome Saint Quintin St. Quintin SherborneDT2 0HFFrome Vauchurch St. Francis DT2 0DYGillingham St Mary's Blackmore ValeSP8 4UUGlanvilles Wootton St. Mary the Virgin SherborneDT9 5QEGoathill St. Peter DT9 5JDGussage All Saints All Saints Milton & BlandfordBH21 5HDGussage St Michael St Michael and All Angels Milton & BlandfordHalstock St. Mary SherborneBA22 9SGHammoon St. Paul Blackmore ValeDT10 2DBHampreston All Saints WimborneBH21 7LXHawkchurch St John the Baptist Lyme BayHaydon St. Catherine DT9 5JBHazelbury Bryan St. Mary & St. James Blackmore ValeDT10 2EDHermitage St. Mary SherborneDT2 7BBHillfield St Nicholas DorchesterDT2 7BAHilton Church Milton & BlandfordDT11 0DEHinton Martell St John the Evangelist WimborneBH21 7HEHinton St. Mary St. Peter Blackmore ValeDT10 1NAHolnest Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary SherborneDT9 5PUHolt St. James BH21 7BJHolworth St. Catherine by the Sea DorchesterDT2 8NQHooke St. Giles SP5 4NGHorton St. Wolfrida WimborneBH21 7JAIbberton St. Eustace Blackmore ValeDT11 0ENIwerne Courtney St. Mary Blackmore ValeDT11 8PUIwerne Minster St. Mary DT11 8LSKimmeridge St. Nicholas PurbeckBH20 5PEKings Stag The Memorial Chapel Blackmore ValeKingston St. James PurbeckBH20 5LLKingston Lacy St. Stephen WimborneBH21 4EDKington Magna All Saints WimborneSP8 5EGKnowlton Church WimborneBH21 5AELangton Herring St. Peters WeymouthDT3 4HULangton Long All Saints DT11 9HSLangton Matravers St George PurbeckBH19 3HZLeigh St Andrew SherborneDT9 6HLLillington St Martin of Tours DT9 6QXLittlebredy St. Michael & All Angels DT2 9HGLitton Cheney St. Mary DT2 9AQLoders St. Mary Magdalene DT6 3RZLong Bredy St. Peter DT2 9HULongburton St. James SherborneDT9 5PFLulworth St Mary's Chapel PurbeckBH20 5QSLulworth East St. Andrew PurbeckBH20 5QSLydlinch St Thomas a Beckett Blackmore ValeDT10 2JALyme Regis St. Michael the Archangel DT7 3DALyme Regis St Michael and St George Lyme BayLyscombe Chapel DorchesterDT2 7PBLytchett Matravers St Mary the Virgin Poole & North BournemouthBH16 6BSLytchett Minster Church Poole & North BournemouthBH16 6JEMaiden Newton St Mary DT2 0AAMapperton All Saints DT8 3NRMappowder St. Peter and St. Paul Blackmore ValeDT10 2EHMargaret Marsh Margaret Marsh Blackmore ValeSP7 0AZMarnhull St Gregory Blackmore ValeDT10 1PZMarshwood St. Mary DT6 5QAMartinstown St. Martin DorchesterDT2 9JRMelbury Bubb St Mary the Virgin DorchesterDT2 0NQMelbury Osmond St. Osmond SherborneDT2 0LZMelbury Sampford St. Mary SherborneDT2 0LFMelplash Christchurch DT6 3UDMilborne Saint Andrew St. Andrew DorchesterDT11 0JRMilton Abbas St Catherine's Chapel DorchesterDT11 0BZMilton Abbas St James DorchesterDT11 0BWMilton Abbas Milton Abbey Milton & BlandfordDT11 0BZMilton on Stour St. Simon & St. Jude Blackmore ValeSP8 5QDMinterne Magna St. Andrew DorchesterDT2 7AZMonkton Wyld St. Andrew DT6 6DAMorden St Mary Milton & BlandfordBH20 7DWMorecombelake St. Gabriel DT6 3BSMoreton St. Nicholas DorchesterDT2 8RHMoreton Moreton - under construction DorchesterDT2 8RHMosterton St Mary DT8 3HJMotcombe St Mary Blackmore ValeSP7 9NTNether Cerne All Saints (Redundant) DorchesterDT2 7AJNether Compton St. Nicholas SherborneDT9 4QANetherbury St. Mary DT6 5LRNorth Poorton St. Mary Magdalene DT6 3THOborne St. Cuthbert Old Chancel SherborneDT9 4JYOkeford Fitzpaine St Andrew Blackmore ValeDT11 0RDOsmington St. Osmund WeymouthDT3 6ELOver Compton St. Michael SherborneDT9 4QUOwermoigne St Michael WeymouthDT2 8HSPamphill (Kingston Lacey) St. Stephen BH21 4EDPentridge St. Rumbold Blackmore ValeSP5 5QXPiddlehinton St. Mary the Virgin DorchesterDT2 7TEPiddletrenthide All Saints DorchesterDT2 7QRPilsdon St Mary DT6 5NZPimperne St. Peter Milton & BlandfordDT11 8UBPoole St Aldhelm Poole & North BournemouthBH13 6BTPoole All Saints Poole & North BournemouthBH13 7NPPoole St Dunstan of Canterbury Poole & North BournemouthBH14 9JGPoole St Clements - under construction Poole & North BournemouthBH15 3PHPortesham St. Peter WeymouthDT3 4HPPortland St. George WeymouthDT5 1BXPortland All Saints WeymouthDT5 1HGPowerstock St. Mary the Virgin Lyme BayDT6 3TFPoyntington All Saints SherborneDT9 4LFPreston St Andrew WeymouthPuddletown St.Mary DorchesterDT2 8SNPulham St Thomas Becket SherborneDT2 7EAPuncknowle St. Mary the Blessed Virgin DT2 9BPPurse Caundle St. Peter Blackmore ValeDT9 5DYRadipole St. Ann WeymouthDT3 5HSRampisham St Michael & All Angels SherborneDT2 0PTRyme Intrinseca St. Hippolytus SherborneDT9 6JXSalway Ash Holy Trinity DT6 5JESandford Orcas St. Nicholas SherborneDT9 4SBSeaborough St. John DT8 3QYShaftesbury St. Peter Blackmore ValeSP7 8LYShaftesbury St. James Blackmore ValeSP7 8HGShapwick St Bartholomew DT11 9LASherborne St. Cuthbert SherborneDT9 4JYSherborne The Blessed Virgin Mary SherborneDT9 3BPShillingstone Holy Rood Blackmore ValeDT11 0SLShipton Gorge St. Martin DT6 4LZShroton St. Mary DT11 8PUSilton St. Nicholas Blackmore ValeSP8 5PRSixpenny Handley St Mary Blackmore ValeSP5 5NDSouth Perrott St Mary DT8 3HZSpetisbury Saint John the Baptist Milton & BlandfordDT11 9DFStalbridge St Mary DT10 2LRStanbridge (Hinton Parva) St. Kenelm Stanton St. Gabriel St Gabriel DT6 6EPSteeple St.Michael and All Angels PurbeckBH20 5NYStinsford St. Michael DT2 8XWStock Gaylard St Barnabas Blackmore ValeDT10 2BGStockwood St. Edwold DorchesterDT2 0NGStoke Abbott St Mary DT8 3JTStour Provost St. Michaels & All Angel Blackmore ValeSP8 5RZStour Row All Saints Blackmore ValeSP7 0QWStourpaine Holy Trinity Milton & BlandfordDT11 8TQStourton Caundle St.Peter Blackmore ValeDT10 2QHStratton Church DorchesterDT2 9RUStudland St. Nicholas BH19 3ATSturminster Marshall St. Mary WimborneBH21 4BUSturminster Newton St. Mary Blackmore ValeDT10 1DESutton Waldron St Bartholomew Milton & BlandfordDT11 8PBSwyre Holy Trinity DT2 9DNSydling St. Nicholas St. Nicholas DorchesterDT2 9PASymondsbury St. John the Baptist DT6 6HBTarrant Crawford St Mary's Milton & BlandfordDT11 9HUTarrant Gunville St. Mary Milton & BlandfordDT11 8JNTarrant Hinton St. Mary Milton & BlandfordDT11 8JBTarrant Keynston All Saints Milton & BlandfordDT11 9JBTarrant Monkton All Saints Milton & BlandfordDT11 8RXTarrant Rawston St. Mary DT11 8SDTarrant Rushton St. Mary Milton & BlandfordDT11 8SDThorncombe St. Mary the Virgin TA20 4NFThornford St. Mary Magdalene SherborneDT9 6QFTincleton St. John the Evangelist DorchesterDT2 8QRTodber St. Andrew Blackmore ValeDT10 1JDToller Fratrum St. Basil DorchesterDT2 0EWToller Porcorum St. Andrew & St. Peter DT2 0DTToller Whelme St. John DT8 3NTTolpuddle St. John the Evangelist DorchesterDT2 7EWTrent St. Andrew DorchesterDT9 4SLTurnworth St. Mary Blackmore ValeDT11 0EEUp Cerne Church DT2 7AWUploders Methodist Lyme BayDT6 4NSUpwey St. Laurence WeymouthDT3 5QEVerwood St. Michael and All Angels WimborneBH31 6DZWalditch St. Mary the Virgin DT6 4LBWareham Lady St.Mary PurbeckBH20 4NDWareham St. Martin PurbeckBH20 4HEWarmwell Holy Trinity DorchesterDT2 8HQWest Bay St. John the Evangelist DT6 4EUWest Chelborough St. Andrew SherborneDT2 0PYWest Knighton St. Peter DorchesterDT2 8PFWest Lulworth Holy Trinity PurbeckBH20 5RYWest Orchard St Luke Blackmore ValeSP7 0LJWest Parley All Saints WimborneBH22 8PRWest Stafford St. Andrew DorchesterDT2 8ADWest Stafford St. Andrew DorchesterDT2 8ADWest Stour St. Mary Blackmore ValeSP8 5RLWeymouth St Edmund WeymouthDT4 8ARWeymouth St Paul WeymouthWeymouth St John's WeymouthDT4 7SSWhitchurch Canonicorum St Candida and Holy Cross Blackmore ValeDT6 6RQWhitcombe The Church DorchesterDT2 8NYWimborne St. Johns WimborneBH21 1AEWimborne Minster BH21 1DZWimborne Gussage St Michael Milton & BlandfordBH21 5HTWimborne Saint Giles Wimborne St. Giles WimborneBH21 5LZWinfrith Newburgh St. Christopher DorchesterDT2 8HBWinterborne Anderson St. Michael (redundant) Winterborne Came St. Peter DorchesterDT2 8NTWinterborne Clenston St. Nicholas Milton & BlandfordDT11 0NYWinterborne Houghton St. Andrew DT11 0PDWinterborne Kingston St. Nicholas Milton & BlandfordDT11 9BJWinterborne Monkton St. Simon and St. Jude DorchesterDT2 9PUWinterborne Stickland St. Mary Milton & BlandfordDT11 0NJWinterborne Zelston St Mary's DT11 9EUWinterbourne Abbas St. Mary DT2 9LWWinterbourne Steepleton St. Michael and All Angels DorchesterDT2 9LGWorth Matravers St Nicholas PurbeckBH19 3LRWorth Matravers St. Aldhem's Chapel PurbeckBH19 3LNYetminster St Andrews DT9 6LG

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